Over $25 EPC Last Year And This Time It’s Even BETTER

We’ve Built The Ultimate eCommerce AUTOMATION Software That Everyone Said Was Impossible. Now You Get To Earn $750 Per Sale & $75,000 In Prizes!

Plus, We’re Giving Away $2.00 Per Lead GUARANTEED!

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Dear JV Partners & Affiliates

I’ve sold over $20,000,000 worth of products through eCommerce. However, it’s not always been easy. Actually it’s been really hard.  First I had to learn how to build the stores, then I had to learn how to pick the products & finally I had to figure out how to actually drive TRAFFIC!

I started this 12 years ago…

Today – I’ve finally done something that I believe will change the entire Industry.  I’ve created a suite of products that can guarantee anyone with their own eCommerce store…

I didn’t just build this so we could all make money. I built this because I truly want to change lives.

I know what eCommerce can do for the lives of our students. I know that this is 100% the breakthrough they’ve been looking for. However, they are held back by simple obstacles…

– How to get their eCommerce store up?
– How to pick the right products?
– How to automate the process of delivering and ordering the products?
– How to drive traffic to their website…

The list really goes on.

That’s why – Today, I’m happy to announce the release of ZERO UP™.  This one software alone does all of this FOR you!  Not only are we giving away $750 in commissions per sale – but we’re also giving away over $75,000 in prizes!

Here Are The Dates…


Schedule Your Mailings with These EXACT DATES:

October 5th – FREE Course Giveaway

October 9th – Free Book + Workshop #1 Registration

October 12th – FREE Workshop #1 – LIVE

October 14th – Workshop #1 Encore

October 19th – Free Workshop #2 – LIVE

October 21st – Workshop #2 Encore

October 22nd – Starting From Zero Virtual Summit

October 23rd – Q & A Marathon + Cart Close

3 High-Converting Phases Of Our Zero Up™ 2.0 Launch

I’ve decided to make our launch unique and different from what we are used to seeing. During our Zero Up™ 2.0 launch, we will be revolutionizing the way a typical launch is executed. I have broken down our launch into 3 phases. Each phase serves its own purpose and is proven to convert higher than the preceding one, all the way till the end of our close.

These 3 phases are TESTED and PROVEN to convert where you can maximize your commission for every single click that you send during our launch.

Here’s a quick overview of our 3 high-converting phases in October:

Phase 1: Free Course Giveaway (October 5 – 9th)

We want to provide VALUE and make you a hero to your followers. Instead of a typical Free PDF report, I have created a FREE 10-part video training series for you to give away. In this training series, it will give an unprecedented experience to your subscribers with amazing content to kickstart their online business. Now, here’s the best part for you! For every single person that subscribes to this FREE course giveaway, you will earn a guaranteed $2.00 per lead. The only stipulation is that each lead must double opt-in and then you will automatically be qualified for the “Control Your Destiny” prize. There is NO limit to this!

Phase 2: Free Book + Workshop Registration (October 9th – 21st)

I’ve written a 166-page book that you can give away to your list. This book is not just a traditional PDF giveaway. In fact, this book has Robert Kiyosaki’s foreword! In order to for your list to download this book for FREE, they would need to sign up for our workshop. Then, we will transition into a direct workshop registration sign up. Throughout Phase 2, we are going to reward a total of $15,000 in prizes for the top 10 affiliates. The top prize is going to be a ROLEX!

Phase 3: Starting From Zero Virtual Summit (October 22nd)

On October 22nd, instead of promoting a replay, we are going to create a full 8-hour virtual event. In this summit, we will have keynote speakers such as Anik Singal, Dan Dasilva, and other 7-figure marketers to provide amazing content to your followers. Not to mention, we are offering Zero Up™ at a huge discount. This is unlike anything you’ll ever see in a typical launch. We will have a full agenda and structure in place so that we can solely focus on selling more Zero Up™ and for you to earn your commission!

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Here’s Exactly Why You Should Tell Your List About Zero Up™ And Our FREE Workshop

Here’s What’s In It For YOU:

#1 – TRUE Content Delivered During Launch – Your List Will LOVE You!

Listen, we believe in VALUE.  We don’t just get on a webinar and pitch, pitch, pitch. Our presentations are going to be FULL of actionable content that your list will love!

In addition, instead of a 48 hour replay, we are doing a 8-hour virtual summit where we’ll bring on industry leaders to provide epic content + a Q&A marathon to answer any questions your subscribers may have!

#2- Free Course Giveaway – More Amazing Content For Your List

We are hitting off the launch with a FREE COURSE GIVEAWAY from October 5th Thru October 9th. This is a 10-part video training series to wow your subscribers with amazing content and let them see the power of Zero Up™ and the potential it can have on their own online business!

In addition, we’re going to be giving away a digital copy of our book – Starting From Zero. This book has my entire 8-Figure commerce blueprint in it!

#3 – Earn 50% Commission, $750 For Each Member Referred

That’s right! For every member you refer to Zero Up™, you’re going to earn $750 commissions! We’ll payout commissions 30 days after our cart closes.

#4 – Guaranteed Prizes Plus $75,000 Additional Prizes Up For Grab

Here’s the deal. We’ve crafted our prizes differently to ensure every supporter will walk away with a great prize – just for supporting! Besides the traditional $15,000 leads contest and $55,000 sales contest we do, we’re going to add a twist to our prizes.

We are also adding a “Control Your Own Destiny” contest where EVERYONE wins for just supporting. For every lead you send through you will receive a guaranteed $2 PER LEAD given that the lead double opt-in to the list. We wanted to show you that we value any and all support we can get!

#5 – HIGH Conversions – Guess Who’s Writing My Webinar!

I’m really excited to announce this because it’s VERY rare. Guess who’s writing my webinar?  The legend himself, ANIK SINGAL!  He is impossible to “hire” but I was able to call in a couple of favors.

You can rest assured that the conversions will be monstrous!

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We don't sell, rent, lease or give away user email addresses. We will not share your email information with third parties. We respect your privacy.

This launch is on the ClickBank platform. In order to promote it, you will need to be signed up to ClickBank.

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From October 5th Thru October 9th

For Every Lead You Send During Our Pre-Launch,
You Will Receive A Guaranteed $2 Per Lead!

Each Lead Must Double Opt-In To The List To Qualify!

From October 5th Thru October 9th

From October 9th Thru October 23rd

So Who’s Fred Lam & What’s Zero Up™?

Fred Lam has been silently working on his eCommerce businesses for nearly 12 years. He has helped generate over $20 Million in sales solely from the blueprint that he is about to share inside of Zero Up!

Fred is also one of the fore-most experts in the world of Media Buying. From Facebook ads to Adwords and BING – he has mastered the art of getting traffic for pennies!

Throughout Fred’s venture, he has discovered three major flaws in the eCommerce world.

#1 – Obstacles. It’s incredible hard for NEWBIES to crack the eCommerce market. There are just too many big obstacles that stop people dead in their tracks.

#2 – Technology.  It’s not easy to put up a store. Set-up the tracking and automate the products and ordering. Well, not anymore!  This is all now 100% click-click and automated!

#3 – Coaching. Let’s face it. In our lives, everything we do – we get support and help. But, why is it any different with starting an Internet Business? Well, this is exactly why Fred Lam is making himself 100% available to help his students!

With these three major issues, Fred Lam has now invested over $140,000 with his entire team and with high-level consultants – all so he could develop a full eCommerce automation software – something that can 100% automate the process of running a full-blown business!

It has taken more than 12 months of production and testing to finally complete and announce the release of:

In addition to ALL the training, coaching & community, here’s the part we’re the most proud of: Our Software.

Here’s a glimpse of the powerful features:

#1 – One-Click Shopify eCommerce Store Creation

Setting up a Shopify store can be tedious for newbies. Even with Shopify’s easy-to-use dashboard, a lot of people still face challenges and many just quit within 5 minutes.

Well, with Zero Up, just click a few buttons and your store is up and 100% functional in less than 5 minutes!

#2 – Full Integrated with AliExpress & Access To Their Millions of Products

You can literally turn China into your own store. If it’s sold on Aliexpress, you can now sell it with just a few clicks. Just go and search for any product, using any search words. Once you find the product you want – just click “Publish.”

That’s it.

Instantly – your product will be listed on your shopify store and you will be in BUSINESS.  Imagine, you can now sell any (or all) of the MILLIONS of products sold in China!


#3 – 100% Fulfillment Automation – Never Manually Process a Order!

Listen, this one feature alone is worth $10,000. So, in the past, every time you got a sale you had to manually go and place the sale. This required you to either spend hours doing it OR you had to hire someone else to do it.  Well, not anymore!

Zero Up™ will now completely automate the ENTIRE process. The minute you get a sale, Zero Up™ will instantly fulfill that order for you. You never have to even click a button!

We’ve developed an entire fulfillment automation module which automatically orders & fulfills any sale your Shopify store gets.


#4 – Advanced Email Integration with 12 Autoresponders – HUGE Profit Boost!

For a long time, you have been forced to use MailChimp (even the new integrations are all faulty and flawed). Even if you get the integration to work, the automation is horrible. It’s so limited that you’re flushing millions of profit down the drain. Well, that comes to an end now!

– You can’t capture Emails of those who ABANDON
You cannot segment by the product they bought!
– and so much more…

Well, not anymore!

Zero Up™ now has incredibly sophisticated integrations with over 12 of the Industry’s TOP autoresponders! All the new features we have added can genuinely add millions to your business without you even knowing!

#5 – Profit Multiplier – Maximize Your Sales Instantlyt!

Once someone purchased from your store, chances are for them to keep buying from you is extremely high. You want to keep them in the buying behavior and maximize your initial cart value.

With Profit Multiplier, you are now able to sell anything right on your Shopify’s thank you page with a simple coupon creator – a video pop-up and even customized HTML. This is proven to increase your sales by 30% but simply using this tool.

#6 – Funnel Builder – Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder For eCommerce

As marketers, we know just how important FUNNELS are.  But, most people think that funnels are ONLY for digital products. WRONG.

Actually, if you use MY formula, you’ll see just what a huge impact a funnel can have on your eCommerce business.  However, this has never excited before – no one has ever build a tool like this, till today.

Zero Up™ allows you to develop the entire funnel and even build your own customized landing pages! We’ve cracked the ENTIRE Shopify code and now, we have a full drag and drop landing page creator. You can even split-test your product page to sky-rocket your sales!

#7 – Access To Secret Software

Imagine how AMAZING it would be if you can expand your product offers to include CUSTOMIZED products for your niche audience

Now imagine how WONDERFUL it would be if those customized products can be easily done and fulfilled automatically without hassle…

It would be pretty exciting, eh?

Well this secret software will give you the ability to do BOTH of those things with just a few clicks of the button, and help you diversify and scale your business to the next level!

On top of all these automation tools within Zero Up™, Fred has documented his 12 years of eCommerce success into a full step-by-step training academy.

It’s created for any individuals starting from zero to advanced eCommerce owners who wanted to scale their eCommerce store. In fact, Fred will bring your newly referred students behind the curtains to his ENTIRE 8-figure empire and show how Zero Up members can just copy and paste his success.

These are proven techniques and tools that many of his users are experiencing.

Let’s Listen To What Some Our Industry Leaders Are Saying About Fred Lam & Zero Up™

Anik Singal

Jimmy Kim

Dan Dasilva

Results From Our Students…

Connor James

Jedi Brown

Michele Olivieri

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A Personal Message From Fred Lam

Dear JV partners and affiliates,

By now I hope you can see how powerful Zero Up is. I firmly believe that with your support, you can help my vision come through on empowering individuals with financial independence. I’ve literally spent over 12 months and $140,000 just so I could create this software – Zero Up™.

Honestly, everyone told me it couldn’t be done. There were many times where I even doubted myself. However, God’s grace and your support – It’s not only done….

….I think it’s going to change the entire World of eCommerce.

For those of you who are already supporting me, I just want to take a moment to say…


Whether you send me 200 clicks or send me 20,000 clicks – it doesn’t matter – it means a lot to me. I’m truly grateful for any and all support!

Now for those of you who are still considering this, let me make you a promise.

I promise that your list will absolutely love what they’re about to see and learn. If they decide to become a member of Zero Up™, I will personally take care, coach and teach every member you refer.

I am even known to stay up until 3 AM – simply answering questions!

On top of that, I’ve even twisted arms and called in every favor to bring in Anik Singal – He’s going to make sure this webinar is not only packed of content but that it converts like gangbusters!

I respect your time, your endorsement and your mailings. I will do everything I possibly can to make you proud and honor your support!  You have my word.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns that you want to address with me before you confirm your support – feel free to reach out to me at anytime.  I’ll have every single question answered as fast as possible!

I also want to take a moment now to thank several people who have really empowered me and helped me to make this launch happen. Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Dan Dasilva, Anthony Morisson and most importantly my entire team at iPro Academy.

Without you guys, Zero Up absolutely could never exist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And again, to any of you that are supporting my upcoming launch, regardless if it is just a couple hundreds clicks, THANK YOU! I will always remember those who supported me and will be kept in the bottom of my heart.

I look forward to seeing you all on my leaderboard!

With Regards,

Fred Lam

Contact Information

Please DO NOT Hesitate to Contact us!

Simply send Jonathan Herbert an email at jonathan@iproacademy.com for all your Joint Venture Questions, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Our Customer support email is: support@iproacademy.com

We THANK YOU for your support and can’t wait to provide your customers with MASSIVE value and fill your pockets with TONS of Money!!!

Fred Lam

Jonathan Herbert

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The Fine Print

As an Affiliate you agree to the following:

  • The new FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on December 1st 2009. As an affiliate or JV partner for ‘Zero Up™’, you’ve read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC Website – http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/guides.shtm to ensure that your promotions are compliant with the new guidelines.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE MARKETING. No “This is a Scam” and turning around to promote the product with your affiliate link. This will not only get ALL commissions negated. You will not be allowed to promote any future products from our company.

Also, if not removed immediately, we reserve the right to take legal action. We’re not trying to be unfair or crude, but guys, come on, we have a right to protect our brand. That kind of marketing doesn’t help anyone and isn’t fair to our company. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but we still have the right to protect how our affiliate links are used 😉

  • We have a minimum threshold of $200 in commissions for our monthly payout..
  • To be eligible for any lead prize, your conversion to sales must not be significantly below the average. This is at our sole discretion
  • Payment will be processed on the 20th of Each Month for the sales generated 2 month prior. You will be paid in FULL.
  • As an affiliate, if you purchase the product under your own link, we will VOID YOUR COMMISSIONS.
  • Affiliate sales must qualify as legitimate transactions based on our terms and conditions. All transactions will be monitored and automatically reviewed. If any sales transactions associated with your affiliate ID and/or account do not line up with the types of qualified sales most typically seen through normal traffic generation methods, our system will flag your account. This will trigger a manual review of your transactions, and if necessary your sites and traffic practices. Any questionable transactions will be investigated. We reserve the right to withhold payment of commissions until the review process is completed. If, after a manual review, any transactions are deemed questionable, any earned commissions on those transactions could be invalidated and you may not be paid for them.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to do use any keyword based advertising (such as search engine PPC) targetting a keyword of any of iPro brands (For example, you may not target the keyword “Zero Up” in your PPC campaign)
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use domain names containing any of iPro brands to promote. For example, you may not use zeroup.net, because it has the term “Zero Up” in it, which is one of our brands.
  • You may not give away any of OUR material (for example eBook or report) under any circumstances without prior written consent. (for example, you may not collect an email address in exchange for our eBook).
  • Please make sure that your review/bonus site does not accidentally (or purposely) represent as us in any way – so using our logo on your page is probably fine, but in your header, maybe not – use your discretion.
  • You may not use your affiliate link on any of OUR pages (such as comments section)
  • We don’t allow cashbacks, rebates, giftcards, ipads etc.. Information product bonuses are allowed and encouraged.

During further review you may be asked for the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number (in case we need to interview you)
  • Method of promo (i.e.: email marketing, Facebook, Solo, Blog, etc)
  • Proof of method(s) used to promo ( snapshot of email list, Facebook ad, solo ad receipt, blog display, website, etc)