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3 High Converting Funnels To Choose From

Our Zero Up™ evergreen funnel is a little different from what we are used to seeing, it's broken down into 3 funnels. Each funnel has its own purpose and is proven to convert with all kinds of traffic while providing amazing value to your followers.

These 3 funnels are PROVEN and TESTED to convert where you can maximize for every click you send through our promotion!

Here’s a quick rundown of our 3 high converting funnels:

funnel #1

Free Course Giveaway

We’re not just about pitch. We want to provide VALUE and make your followers love you. Instead of a typical free PDF report, we created a FREE 10-part video training series for you to give away. In this training series, it will give an incredible experience to your subscribers with amazing content to help kickstart their business!

funnel #2

Free Book + Workshop Registration

We’ve written a 166-page book that you can give away to your list. But this FREE book is not just a traditional PDF. In fact, this book has Robert Kiyosaki’s foreword in it! In order for your list to get this book for FREE, they would need to sign up for our workshop. Then, we will transition into a direct workshop registration sign up.

funnel #3

Workshop Registration

We have tested and made numerous tweaks to our webinar and it is one of the highest-converting webinar to date. In fact, this is not like a traditional webinar where all it does is to have a pitch. Inside this webinar, I gave literally hours of training that everyone will walk away blown-away. Every attendee absolutely loved this webinar and walked away with a ton of value if they decided not to enroll. It is very rare to see a webinar that is jamed pack with content while converts up to 12%!


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We don't sell, rent, lease or give away user email addresses. We will not share your email information with third parties. We respect your privacy.

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What Is Zero Up™?

Often times, there are 3 major drawbacks in the eCommerce world for anyone that ventures it.

#1 – Obstacles

It’s very difficult for beginners and newbies to crack open the eCommerce market. There are just way too many challenges that stop people from moving forward.

#2 – Technology

Let’s face it. It’s not easy to set up a store. From product research to order fulfillment, tracking shipments and scaling up your business. Every part of the process is long and tedious.

#3 – Coaching

In everything that we do in our lives, we need support and help. So why would it be any different with starting an online business?

With these 3 major drawbacks in mind, we have invested over $250,000 along with getting help from high-level consultants to develop a full eCommerce automation software – Zero Up™. This is something that can 100% automate the process of running a full-blown business!

After months and months of production and testing, we are finally complete and proud to announce the release of Zero Up™.

In addition to ALL the training, coaching, and community, this is what we are most proud of – our software. Here’s a glimpse of the powerful features:

#1 - One-Click Shopify eCommerce Store Creation

Even with Shopify’s easy-to-use dashboard, a lot of people still get stuck with setting up a store and many just quit within 5 minutes. With Zero Up™, you are just a few clicks away to get your store up and running!

#2 - Full Integration With AliExpress

Imagine selling any products you want, with millions of products to choose from China. You can literally sell anything in your store. If it’s sold on AliExpress, you can sell it with just a few clicks! Just search for a product using keywords, and once you found the product you want to sell, simply click “Publish”, and that’s it! Your product will be listed on your Shopify store and you are in business.

#3 - 100% Automated Order Fulfillment

In the past, every time you get a sale, you have to manually go and place the order. That’s fine and all, but what if you have 100 orders to fulfill? This requires you to either spend hours of copying and pasting customer’s information, or you have to hire someone else to do it.

But with Zero Up™, you don’t have to do that anymore. Our software completely automates the ENTIRE process for you. The minute you receive an order, Zero Up™ will automatically fulfill that order so you can sit back and watch your business grow. This one feature alone is worth $10,000!

#4 - Advanced Email Integration

Some of you may be forced to use MailChimp, even when their integrations are faulty and flawed. You can’t capture emails of those who abandoned, you can’t segment emails by the product they bought, and the list goes on.

With Zero Up™, you don’t have to worry about any of those. Our software has sophisticated integrations with over 12 of the industry’s TOP autoresponders! All the new features we have added can add millions to your business without you even knowing!

#5 - Profit Multiplier

Once someone purchased from your store, the chances of them buying again from you is very high. You definitely want to keep your customers in the buying behavior and maximize your initial cart value. With Profit Multiplier, you are able to sell anything right on your Shopify’s thank-you page with a simple coupon generator – a video pop-up or a customized HTML. Using this tool is proven to increase your sales by 30%!

#6 - Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder

As any marketers would know, sales funnels are extremely important. However, most people think that funnels are ONLY for digital products. But that’s wrong. A sales funnel actually has a huge impact on your eCommerce business.

Zero Up™ allows you to develop the entire funnel and even your own customized landing pages! We’ve cracked the entire Shopify code and now, we have a full drag and drop landing page creator. You can even split test your product page to optimize your sales!

#7 - Access To Our Secret Software

Just imagine how amazing it would be to expand your product offers to include CUSTOMIZED products for your niche audience. Now imagine again how wonderful it would be if those customized products can be easily done and fulfilled automatically.

With this secret software, you have the ability to do BOTH of those things with just a few clicks to help you diversify and scale up your business to the next level!

On top of these automation tools within Zero Up™, we even have a full documentation of Fred Lam’s 12 years of eCommerce success into a step-by-step training academy. It’s created for any individuals starting from zero to advanced eCommerce owners who want to scale up their business. In fact, Fred will bring your newly referred subscribers behind the curtains to his ENTIRE 8-figure empire and show how Zero Up™ members can just copy and paste his success!

Zero Up™ Student’s Results

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We don't sell, rent, lease or give away user email addresses. We will not share your email information with third parties. We respect your privacy.

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